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Hi everybody. My name is Maritza. I am a licensed Medical Esthetician with experience of more than 5,000 treatments of laser hair removal from men and women with face and body treatments, personalizing and coaching clients to reach silhouette goals. I will instruct you how to prepare for laser hair removal with diode laser technology.

Diode laser for hair removals safe and comfortable to remove unwanted hair. This can be applied in all skin complexions and results are amazing.

Sometimes clients feel uncomfortable because they do not have the sufficient information about the proper technique to prepare for each treatment.

The most important aspect is to take the time to properly shave the area to be treated with a new razor. The time to save before treatment should be no more than 12 hours and no less than 6 hours.

The skin must not show any hair growing in order to have a pain free treatment.

Ensure the treatment area is totally free of deodorant, body lotions, and make up. The day od the treatment DO NOT apply anything on the skin because residues from some ingredients travel into the pores of the skin and interfere with the energy delivered to the hair follicle.

Laser needs the hair on the skin surface with your laser treatment. Take two weeks apart before and after your laser treatment and you can enjoy your vacations beautifully using sunblock every hour and don’t let your skin get sunned.

Finally, antibiotics can create unpredictable reactions. Move your laser treatment to seven days after finishing the antibiotics regimen.

Also stop laser if you are pregnant.

Postpone the treatment appointment if you have skin injury or irritation in the area you are going to receive your laser treatment.

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  • Karen

    I had the pleasure of having Maritza perform radio frequency facial on me today….what a fabulous experience for a 1st time client. I highly recommend Laser up.

  • Yomaira

    I would like to obtain more information regards body sculpting. I will be in NYC from 7-14 April and I would like to get it done. Thank you!


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